The Effect On Sexual Libido In Marriages

There are many different stages in any relationship, both physically and mentally. Normally the first part of any sexual relationship is filled with constant love making, and couples have a hard time keeping their hands off each other. This is also known as the “Honeymoon phase,” but what happens when this stage of your relationship is over? Many agree that after the first year in a solid, monogamous relationship, the sexual activity between two partners’ declines. This article will give some tips on how to avoid having this decline hit as hard as it could, as well as how to spark the sexual relationship to avoid unfaithfulness.

While it’s true that in most cases it is the male who has the higher libido, both partners in the relationship have to be willing to climb over the “sexual gap” that tends to affect partners in the later years of their relationship. Many have said it, but it can always be said again; talking to your partner about your sexual preferences and comfort levels can make all the difference. Finding out what your partner wants and needs in a sexual relationship not only conveys to you their desires, but it’s a level of intimacy that is hardly ever reached in other aspects of the relationship. Discussing sexual needs can form bonds of trust that can have positive reinforcement for the relationship as a whole.

Boosting the sex drive of your partner can be a challenge for some, but for most it’s about what the other likes, and what they don’t. Experimentation can be a huge asset when it comes to making sure things aren’t getting boring in the bedroom. While comfort zones remain, there are times when pushing the boundaries, even just a little, can be a good thing for both parties. The only way for either partner to know what they like or what they don’t, is to try it.

The last tip I leave you with, is to try and be both sporadic and scheduled in this area of your relationship. While random passionate sex is great, other times one or both partners feel like they need a more concrete timeframe for sexual activity. Making a certain day or time of day to have sex, can let your partner feel like they know when they can expect to be thrilled. Again this can help both partners gain a certain level of trust in their sexual relations, which is the biggest part of sex as a whole. Trust and openness are very fruitful to making sure there is no outside intervention (that is unwanted), or even unfaithfulness in the relationship.

Hopefully this article has sparked some ideas for ensuring that the sexual aspect of your relationship is better than ever – no matter how long the couple has been together.